ray sowell commemorative stage

origin & ​design

Bart’s Bards performs in the Krumpe Activity Center (KAC) of St. Bartholomew Church. As the Bards grew, it became clear that the existing stage would not ​accommodate the growth of the organization. After many configurations, the result was an impressive portable and modular platform system, created by Ray ​Sowell, husband of founding Bart’s Bards member, Marge “Margie” Sowell. This stage is constructed and deconstructed for each summer musical. Upon ​his pas​s​i​ng, the stage was dedicated to Ray, and the Bards continue to perform on the “Ray Sowell Commemorative Stage” today.

Pictured: Ray Sowell Commemorative Stage dedication plaque. ​This plaque is placed at the front of our stage each year.

Pictured: Constructing the stage for James and the Giant Peach.

Pictured: View of stage construction from above.

Pictured: The dramatic transformation of the KAC into a

theatre using the modular platform stage system.

Pictured: Attaching the legs to the stage platforms.

Pictured: The modular platform system allows for great

flexibility of the stage shape and size.