Bart's Bards is proud to announce
our 2016 Summer Musical:

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Richard Lee Waldeck,
Teresa Riestenberg, Vocal and Orchestral Director
Maddy Fessler, Choreographer • Adam Hesselbrock, Asst. Choreographer
Sarah Fessler, Production Stage Manager
Kathy Luhn, Costuming Director
Erica Mason and Carrie Vogel, Producers

If you have problems using the online ordering system, or would simply prefer to order by phone, please call
513-850-BARD (2273)

Online tickets sales close three hours prior to curtain on the day of the performances. Tickets are still available and can be purchased at the door –
$14 General Admission, $10 Seniors (65 and up), and $10 Students (18 and younger)

Online Tickets*: $12 General Admission

$8 Seniors (65 and up)

$8 Students (18 and under)

*all ticket prices include online fee.

Walk up prices: $14 General Admission, $10 Seniors, and $10 Students 18 and under

Show Dates:

Evening shows:
Thursday, June 23, 2016, 8 pm
Friday, June 24, 2016, 8 pm
Saturday, June 25, 2016, 8 pm

Matinée shows:
Saturday, June 25, 2016, 2 pm
Sunday, June 26, 2016, 2 pm

All Shows at:
Fr. Krumpe Activity Center
St. Bartholomew Church
9375 Winton Road
Cincinnati OH, 45231


Cast of Disney's The Little Mermaid
Name Role(s) Name Role(s)
Abbie Lee Sea Creature Hunter Gee Winward, Shipmate, Sea Creature
Abby Hodapp Sea Creature Jacob Hummeldorf Shipmate, Sea Creature
Abby Weigand Sea Creature Jacqlyn Schott Allanna
Adam Hesselbrock Jetsam Jen Strickler Princess 1, Sea Creature
AJ Brokesh Shipmate, Sea Creature Jillian Becker Sea Creature
Alex Reynolds Aquata John Rothan Prince Eric
Allie Maciag Princess 5, Sea Creature Joy Niehaus Princess 6, Sea Creature
Amy Hesselbrock Head Maid, Sea Creature Katherine Lee Maid, Sea Creature
Amy Reynolds Gull, Sea Creature Katherine Specht Gull, Chef, Sea Creature
Anna Schlichter Sea Creature Kim Bracknell Gull, Sea Creature
Ava Milan Carlson-Lee Sea Creature Lainy Moore Sea Creature
Barry Reynolds Shipmate, Gull, Chef, Sea Creature Leah Bracknell Gull, Sea Creature
Caroline Critzer Sea Creature Leah Mason Tapping Gull, Sea Creature
Caroline Lawson Gull, Sea Creature Lou Schroder Chef Louis
Carolyn Williams Adella, Tapping Gull Maria DeCarlo Maid, Sea Creature
Carson J. Smedley Sea Creature Mark Behrendt Flounder
Christen Fessler Sea Creature Mary Vosseberg Ariel
Christina Siciliano Ursula Megan Kenner Maid, Sea Creature
Danielle Reynolds Princess 2, Sea Creature Megan Miller Princess 3, Sea Creature
Elenya Stephani Maid, Tapping Gull, Sea Creature Michelle Mitchell Maid, Sea Creature
Elizabeth Cain Atina, Tapping Gull, Chef Owen Herzog Shipmate, Sea Creature
Ella Herzog Sea Creature Owen Strickler Shipmate, Sea Creature
Ella Schlichter Maid, Sea Creature Reagan Strickler Sea Creature
Elle Rothan Flotsam Roman Jerger Sebastian
Emily Bruns Princess 4, Sea Creature Ron Mason King Triton
Emily Hodapp Sea Creature Ryan Miller Gull, Chef, Shipmate, Sea Creature
Emma McGraw Sea Creature Sarah Lawson Arista
Emma Thompson Sea Creature Sophia DeCarlo Sea Creature
Francis Kolis Grimsby Thomas R. Coop Scuttle
Grace Critzer Leeward, Gull, Maid, Sea Creature Tristyn Chasteen Gull, Chef, Sea Creature
Hailey Scully Andrina, Tapping Gull Will Mason Shipmate, Sea Creature


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If you have problems using the online ordering system, or would simply prefer to order by phone, please call
513-850-BARD (2273)

Bart’s Bards is dedicated to promoting Christian fellowship through the performing arts. As such, all involved are invited to join us in celebrating the gifts God has given us to share with each other and our audiences. 

If you have questions about the production, please feel free to contact the director:
Richard Lee Waldeck,

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